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College Visits

As a Senior, you are allowed 2 college visits that will be excused absences.  You must follow the requirements set forth in the student handbook:

  1. Student must have taken the ACT exam.
  2. Student must clear the visit through the prinicpal and pick up the College Day Visit form prior to the visit (located in the Counselor’s Suite)
  3. Student is responsible for accumulating the appropriate signatures from the college representative on the College Day form and return it to the High School Attendance Office.
  4. All business hould be taken care of on the college day.


THS basics of the college admissions process:


Student Responsibility

  1. Begin the process of selection early
  2. Visit withcollege representatives at the THS College Fair
  3. Meet with college representatives when thy visit our school.  These visits are announced and posted on the THS calendar.
  4. Plan to visit the colleges before making a final decision
  5. Be aware of your grades, stengths and weaknesses.
  6. Secure information about dealines, special requirements and testin from the colleges.
  7. Request your transcript to be sent to the colleges you are applying to.  You will request a transcript on the THS website, Helpful Links, Transcript Request.  This is completed via Parchment.  Please be sure to enter an outside email other than your school email address.
  8. Contact teachers and counselors for needed letters of recommendation at least 2 weeks in advance.

Parent Responsibiliy

  1. Discuss future plans, including the financial picture and any restrictions, with your child in the selection process
  2. Be aware of deadlines
  3. Complete your portion of the application (signature, cehcs, verification of residency, etc)
  4. If you plan to file finanical aid forms, do so in January.
  5. Call the counselor or college consultant if you have questions.
  6. Check with your child periodically about Senior announcements, or other information distributed in school.

Helpful Admission Websites:

Starting points for the entire college search process, generally with information about the mechanics of applying for admission and financial aid, links to partidular colleges and other Internet resorces.  Also, see our lists of 2 year and 4 year colleges.