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Pre-enrollment packets were sent home on 02/07/2020.  Students who were absent on 02/07 can attend a makeup session on February 14th, or students can stop by the counseling office to pick up their enrollment packet.



Enrollment date for new students is to be determined once schedule is completed.  Please be sure to visit this website or the Tuttle High School Facebook page for details to be announced. 


Note to Parents,

Please take time to review the updated descriptions of our courses and their prerequistes as you and your child make decisions on the courses they want to take.  Career Tech and Concurrent enrollment will be taken care of upon acceptance and proof of enrollment at a later date.  Students who plan to participate in sports will be required to have a current physical and all online forms in RankOne completed before being allowed to participate next school year.

Enrollment will be the last two weeks in February for current students.  Students will not be allowed to enroll at their designed time without their completed and signed packets that were sent home on 02/07/2020 to 02/14/2020.  Enrollment information that must be returned for all students is 1) demographic pages (please verify and/or update your contact information) and sign on the front of the page.  If it’s all correct, please state “no changes” and sign.  2) Enrollment pages – Student Enrollment Questionnaire, Permissions Page, Internet Agreement and Course Enrollment Sheet must all be completed and signed.

February 18th-19th – Current students for Class of 2021 enrollment

February 20th-21st – Current students for Class of 2022 enrollment

February 24th-25th – Current students for Class of 2023 enrollment

Students who miss their enrollment time will be able to enroll at scheduled make-up times on February 27th-28th.

Class of 2024 will have a meeting on Feb. 26th during school and will enroll on March 2nd-3rd.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the school to visit with Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Tucker, Dr. Hester, Mr. Harris or Mr. Surber.