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Residency Verification


In an effort to best serve Tuttle’s growing school community, Tuttle Schools is now requiring verification of residency on an annual basis. Parents/guardians will have the opportunity to choose from the two options listed below to provide proof of legal residency.

1. Electronic submission-Documents may be scanned and emailed to your child’s school site.

The High School email is

ALL returning and NEW students must provide TWO (2) documents from the following list:

· Current Electric Bill

· Current Gas Bill

· Current Water Bill

· Current Trash Bill

· Housing Rental Agreement (Must show names of children enrolling)

· Mortgage document

*Current is defined as the current month or the immediate preceding month.  The following documents are NOT acceptable for proof of residency, including but not limited to:

· Driver’s License

· Cut-off Notice

· Social Security cards/documents

· Access Cards

*Please be sure to write all students’ name and a current phone number on your documents. At this time, we will also be handing out all required documents to be returned with the student on August 20th.

Please contact your administrator if you are on a transfer and have questions.